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BRICKWALL .... issues ... meaning you have run out of options and possibilities for breaking through the morass of confusion on a specific family line.   It is vital and important to develop a strategy as to open other lines of research that may help you on the backend of your family line.

Please join us on the ZOOM every 3rd Thursday of each month at 6 pm  where members present their BRICKWALL issues and we discuss how to go about breaking through the barriers of family research. 

INDIVIDUALS SEEKING FAMILY CONNECTIONS - "Can you help me find my family?"


Seeking descendants of Alabama: Surnames ... STOKES, HENDRIX, WHITEN, REEVES

KENYA HICKS (Facebook Request)

Seeking descendants of Lowndes County

Surnames:  Her Grandfather - HICKS from Letohatchee, Lowndes County

                 CASEY, McCALL, ROBINSON

KRISTINA MULLENIX (Facebook Request)

Seeking descendants of ... Coffee, McCoy, Pickens, Adams

COUNTIES - Lauderdale, Jefferson, Tuscaloosa



Seeking descendants of .... PHILLIPS in St Clair County

                                       AYERS & WHITESIDE in Calhoun County

                                       GRAYSON, FOUNTAIN, GAINES & JOHNSON near Clark County


YOLANDA TALLEY (Facebook Request)

Seeking descendants of AVERHART of ... any county in Alabama

Please email Wanda Looney at  with any information regarding information on above families.
The Beginning Genealogist should be aware that genealogical research can not be separated from History. Many times you can locate an ancestor by studying the History of a Period, Migration routes, and geographic areas
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